UAPTF Report Reveals Nothing New

Tic Tac Propulsion System Thought Experiment

Tic Tac Propulsion System Thought Experiment

UPDATE: The below was written before 06/25/2021 but is still a worthwhile read if you want to understand the tictac antigrav propulsion system. Since 1997 proof of the existence of virtual particles (a.k.a. quantum foam) moved practical use of the Casimir force from speculation (technological readiness 2) to feasible (TR-3).


Technological Readiness Scale

It logically follows that we should already have magnetic-road based propulsion like what appears to be in use in the tictac drones, judging on how went from Bernoulli’s principle of fluid dynamics in 1752 to Wright Brothers’ first flight in 1903 (a wait of 178 years). After that we went from proving atoms exist in 1908 to the atomic bomb in 1945 (a wait of 37 years).

In 1997 we’ve proven that the Casimir effect exists and therefore the quantum foam. With that we can create an analog to the “lift equation” of aerodynamics for making magnetic highways in space. And the thought experiment isn’t even that hard. Have you seen magnets “locked” in place levitating over a liquid nitrogen cooled superconductive disk? It’s high school experiment stuff.

Tictac antigrav is the same thing the superconducting disk part is your vehicle and the magnet part is a fixed point in space magnetized with insanely powerful electromagnetism.

And you should be pissed too that all this had to come to us through mystery drones. Someone’s got antigrav and this is that story, so read on dear seekers.

The UAP Task Force report is out. Yawn! 144 new cases and all we get is 9 skimpy pages. Pissed! We don’t get to see any new footage (so here’s one that was already posted and deleted from Reddit—hopefully a senator leaked it from the classified version). So the UAPTFreport amounted to busy-work asserting we need to do more. They renamed UFOs to UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomenon) to accommodate for the fact some aren’t objects (ice crystals, heat pockets, swamp gas, etc.) then immediately acknowledge yep they are indeed objects so they’re back to UFOs again. Comical!

More Money Please, LOL!

Time to upgrade all our equipment and gather more data which is a euphemism for “Money please”. So in other words one of the most important announcements in human history in an area already afloat in covert appropriation black budget managed to be turn into a plea for more money, HAHAHA! Typical curve flattening of a reveal that must be spread out over at least a few more decades.

Catching Up to 1997, Casimir Effect Measured (Success Assured)

Anyone who thinks we know more than we did before this report hasn’t been following along. We don’t know what’s in the classified version but if these things are real as the report indicated than statistically speaking, there is of course much better footage and physical evidence that’s not being shared. And it’s no big conspiracy. It’s par for the course government secrecy surrounding tech with national security implications that rationally should exist given a well documented 1977 breakthrough analogous to airplane lift but in the vacuum of space.

Casimir Effect - A Water Wave Analog

Funny thing is that the same Fermilab guy Don Lincoln that you’ll see below affirming the Casimir effect and quantum foam are real can be seen here debunks antigravity in this video. However he’s getting caught up on labels. We’re not talking about cancelling gravity or any of the extremely Star Treky things (only a little wacky). We’re only talking about creating a magnetic field in space on known charge-carrying particles for a rather everyday quantum locking effect which of course has a video in The Action Lab:

Quantum Locking Is An Everyday Science Demo

Quantum Locking Is An Everyday Science Demo

So you see, the claims of “antigravity” when it comes to the tictac drones is really just this quantum locking effect with the role of the magnet played by the empty vacuum of space with a few gigawatts of power applied in order to magnetize it.

UAP Task Force Report, Antigravity & Secrecy

Previously on X-Files

The next round of evidence the US Government is willing to declassify as a result of a rider in Trump’s December 2020 $2.3 trillion coronavirus relief law is due later this month (by June 25th, 2021). Here’s my feelings on the new anti-gravity technology propulsion system patents under the name of Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais that we’re going to be getting a few more clues about.

Tic Tac UFO Sightings Explained

While these antigravity (AG) patent claims are extraordinary in their own right by virtue of promising to usher in a new technological age the way electricity and nuclear power did before, Occam’s Razor suggests this technology is of terrestrial origin and have probably known the theoretical basis for it at least since 1957. Or possibly 1948 if you include Dutch physicist Hendrik Brugt Gerhard Casimir.

The big clue is in STATEMENT OF GOVERNMENT INTEREST where it says:

The invention described herein may be manufactured and used by or for the Government of the United States of America for governmental purposes without payment of any royalties thereon or therefor.

So it’s all about money.

Sorry Alien Dude


Doc Pais? Take Edison, Einstein and Tesla and multiply them by Tony Stark, Henry Pym and Reed Richards and you’ve got your man. Earth has its Zefram Cochrane today and he already invented the spaceships if the patents are truthful.

Edison Einstein Tesla Stark Richards Pym

Either that or he’s just a front-man for patents which the US Navy is desperately submitting in order to not one day have to pay intellectual property licensing fees to the Chinese. Occam’s Razor, the tenet stating that all else being equal the simplest answer is probably the most likely, suggests these patents are just the US Navy hedging our bets against having to pay China for Chinese tech in order to defend against China.

Riddle: What do you get if you fail to register a patent on tech that can make hairpin turns at super mach speed?

Snidely Whiplash

Snidely Whiplash

Throw enough gobbledygook at a patent officer, back it up with an official letter from the Navy saying this stuff is OPERABLE (just not by US), then just wait to see what the rival produces and steal it. Can you say V2 rockets? Solid strategy. It’s not the first time we did this. And it’s only antigravity today because the UAPs look like it. If they looked like super-refined ion thrusters (having ionized wind trails, etc.) then the patents would look more like Dyson blade-less fans or NASA’s Aerojet Rocketdyne prototypes.

The patents also cover a room temperature superconductor which I presume is necessary to stabilize AG flight, and a practical fusion reactor that I likewise assume would be necessary to power the AG engine—though the tech of the 2 are somewhat intertwined. There are actually four interrelated patents: “Craft Using an Inertial Mass Reduction Device,” “Piezoelectricity-induced High Temperature Superconductor,” “High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator,” and “Ultrahigh Intensity Electromagnetic Field Generator”.

Dr. Salvatore Pais

If the inventions described in these patents are to be believed then you must ask yourself whether you think it’s most likely that it came from another planet or we just figured it out and built it for ourselves, which I of course find to be much more likely. To say it must be aliens strikes me about the same as saying that about the Pyramids of Egypt. Were aliens necessary for fire? Atomic energy? Perhaps you need aliens to help you wipe your butt? Alien crash enthusiasts are projecting their own lacking self-confidence. Give us humans some credit.

There is a widespread belief that the recent (past 20 years or so) rash of UFO sightings may be related to the development and testing of devices utilizing the technology described in these patents. Much of this has hit the mainstream due to leaked US Navy footage that has subsequently been declassified.

Of FLIR1, Gimbal & Go Fast, Only FLIR1 Remains

A practical yet open mind should also be aware that of the already leaked and subsequently declassified US Navy videos known as FLIR1, Gimbal and Go Fast, both Go Fast and Gimbal have been adequately debunked as camera parallax of a weather balloon and glare of off a perpendicular jet exhaust, respectively. Humans connect the dots to imagine they’re seeing things more often than not. Even experienced pilots can think they’re seeing things they’re not. Skeptics and debunkers are usually right. But how often? Well, 2 out of 3 times in the case of the latest leaked UFO footage from the US Navy. Oh but let us discuss that 3rd…

Go Fast UFO Debunked as Weather Balloon Parallax

Go Fast UFO Debunked as Weatjer Balloon Parallax

Gimbal UFO Debunked as Jet Exhaust Flare

Gimbal UFO Debunked as Jet Exhaust Flare

FLIR1 Remains Unexplained

So what about FLIR1? It is the only one that actually qualifies as a Tic Tac antigrav drone vehicle related to Dr. Pais’ patents operating with impunity in US airspace, and only because of the profoundly compelling eye witness accounts by flight commander of the USS Nimitz David Fravor and pilot Lt. Alex Dietrich on 60 Minutes. Occom’s Razor would actually dictate that everyone’s just lying under orders to psych out China or something, but let’s put that aside for a moment given the momentary breaking of inflexible mindsets we are now seeing in government and media.

On November 14, 2004 these objects were spotted by the new radar system on the nearby recently upgraded guided-missile cruiser USS Princeton 100 miles southwest of San Diego, observing their descent of 80,000 feet in less than a second. After being sent from their joint Navy/Marines wargame exercises to investigate these multiple anomalous aerial vehicles, Fravor, Dietrich and their 2 weapons system officers spent a total of about 5 minutes watching these objects, making it difficult to dismiss as weather balloons or reflections.

Retired Navy Pilot Commander David Fravor

The white tic tac objects were hovering over an area of white roiling water the size of a Boeing 737 in otherwise calm waters when Fravor spiraled down. During this time the objects were described as darting around over the roiling water keeping their north-south orientation. Suddenly one of the tictac’s made an abrupt 90 degree pivot from its north-south orientation to an east-west one and then ascended to mirror Fravor’s F18’s movements as he descended. In other words it came up to meet him.

At this point in the interview Fravor expresses no doubt that the object was aware of their presence as he sees it, approximately the same size as his F18 Hornet (~40 feet), fly right up in front of him, hover for a moment then “just disappears” implying it sped of at incredible speed. Seconds later, USS Princeton reacquires the seemingly same target 60 miles away at which time another aircraft with two crew managed to lock onto it with a targeting camera before it zipped away apparently producing the most difficult to debunk FLIR1 footage, the least sexy of the 3 videos and the only one yet to be compellingly dismissed by professional skeptics.

Given the expert eyewitnesses on FLIR1 the only viable explanation is out-and-out lying by Fravor, Dietrich, their two weapons officers and the two who shot FLIR1 (pilot and weapons officer) for a total of six people who would have had to be outright lying; not impossible but starting to seem unlikely. I’ve seen the attempts to debunk FLIR1 but they lack the compelling smoking gun signatures of parallax as with GoFast and lens flair as with Gimbal. An interesting note is that both Gimbal and GoFast were shot by the same person and this is an interesting debunking of the debunking by Commander Fravor.

UPDATE 06/27/2021: The total people who would have to be lying about tic tac comes to seven with one of the USS Princeton radar people Kevin Day coming forward after quitting the DOD out of frustration whenever he tried to tell anyone about what happened. He’s now demanding an apology from the DOD for years of career damaging ridicule for just trying to do his job and keep people safe.

F18 Pilots Observing UFOs

Anti-Gravity In a Nutshell

Why should we already have antigravity drives by now and the surprising thing is that we don’t? It’s because the basic technology research is already behind us and we’ve seen the public research to prove feasibility abruptly aborted. Chances are this is because it has gone into a phase precisely analogous to the Manhattan Project and we should be seeing the fruits of those labors by now. Let me explain.

From Atom to Smasher in 40 Years

We only speculated at the existence of atoms until in 1905 when Einstein predicted that their tendency to jitter around to produce heat would also cause the irregular movement (brownian motion) of particles floating on a liquid surface. Only a year later in 1908 French physicist Jean Baptiste Perrin performed the experiments which confirmed Einstein’s predictions. Poof, it was observed and atoms were known to exist.

The atomic bomb came 40 years later. Crossing a dessert takes some time. If 1905 were 1995 then by about 2035 we’d be seeing the fruits of the labors of similar such breakthroughs. But we’re better at tech these days aren’t we? Say that 100 years of progress only made us twice as fast (TR-2 speculation to TR-9 in the hangers in 20 years). The USS Nimitz incident was 2004—just about right. We move from plausible that these Tic Tac UFOs are of terrestrial origin to what I believe is very likely. We know the Casimir effect is real now and that’s precisely analogous to proving atoms exist when it comes to AG. It’s not a matter of if but when.

Quantum Foam Exists So Nothing is Really Something

Quantum Foam Exists So Nothing is Something

The Casimir effect being measured is only the first proof that quantum foam exists. The other proof is that when we measure the magnetic force of electrons, it’s consistency off to .01% which is 1 part in 1000. But when the predictions made by the existence of virtual particles is accounted for, the strength of the magnetic field of electrons becomes accurate to 12 digits, the most precise measurement humankind has ever made.

And so… there is something in the void of space (or in our atmosphere or under water) to “push off from” and “antigravity” is just a matter of time.

But do you really even need to resort to AG drives to explain the tictac ufo sightings?

Inertial Mass Reduction vs. Ion Drives

Perhaps you’ve heard of ion propulsion drives? Or maybe ion thrusters? Yawn! They exist but are no big deal. Here’s The Action Lab making one from aluminum foil. Charged particles cause wind which can create solid state propulsion drives inside a charge-able atmosphere, replacing oxygen-burning chemical fuel. In the vacuum of space you have to bring your chargeable particles with you as “fuel” (it gets shot out the back / refer to Newton’s 3rd law). Although NASA is pursuing these for interstellar travel, ion propulsion drives ARE NOT what we’re talking about here. Or at least the US Navy thinks not.

NOT Your Father’s Ion Thruster

The tictac UFOs might be using old school ion drives but the patents and flight characteristics of FLIR1 suggest much more radical flight-tech coined “inertial mass reduction” (though it seems like a misnomer to me). Inertial mass reduction devices like in Pais’ patents are more Star Treky than ion propulsion, relying on the previously wackadoo forces of zero-point energy that actually does exist everywhere and in everything including total vacuum. Doubt me? Google quantum foam and virtual particles. Like the weirdness implied by Rutherford’s two-slits experiment and Einstein’s Spooky Action at a distance, it’ll blow your mind reinforcing the notion that reality is considerably different than the intuition our human-scale perspective suggests.

Zero-Point Energy

So what is zero-point energy? No it’s not perpetual motion or stealing energy from where there is none. In fact you have to bring a whole lot of your own power to get antigravity. I suspect tiny nuclear reactors at the center of these tictac things. If you drink the cool-aid then it’s a fusion reactor of Dr. Pais’ own design. The apparent antigravity effect comes from using this power to ALIGN the virtual particles in the quantum foam to produce something that may as well be a giant powerful phantom magnet off of which these tiny UAP drones can push. Think friction and traction as between a tire and a road, tictac tires on the quantum byoroad (bring your own road).

Existence of Casimir Force Only Validates Antigravity Principles

This levitation is often attributed to the Casimir effect because the 2-plates experiment has one perfect mirror plate popping away from the other when certain wavelengths of electromagnetic energy are filtered between them for an effect analogous to achieving lift in aeronautics. This can be thought of as an attractive or repulsive electromagnetic force between conductive plates without any charge being applied to the plate. The force comes from filtering ambient energy (NOT cosmic background radiation) based on the distance between the plates, and the filtered wavelength between the plates have a different “pressure” than that outside the plates. A similar experiment replaces one plate with a mirrored sphere.

casimir effect quantum fluctuations

However it may be more accurate to say that the proof of the Casimir effect existing at all (measurable to within 5% of what was predicted) means that there’s something there in even the total vacuum of spacetime. In other words the Casimir effect existing means virtual particles and quantum foam also likely exist (the ambient “zero-point” energy filtered by the plates) and therefore you have something an AG drive can sink its teeth into.

This point can not be emphasized enough. UFO crashes are not needed to explain us having the theoretical knowledge. The groundwork was laid independently between American physicist John Archibald Wheeler and Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir, both in the 50s. And no, it was not knowledge gained from reverse engineering crashed UFOs. Even if that happened (statistically possible)

We’re talking friction between fields to produce traction just like tires on a road—quite different to the often imagined Casimir lifting-plates.

Quantum Foam and Virtual Particles

So what is this quantum foam? Particles that resemble single photons of light appear to be popping in and out of existence evenly dispersed throughout space, even in a total vacuum. The virtual particles that constitute this quantum foam comes from places unknown and return to places unknown (more reality weirdness). You can also think of it as rippling waves on the surface of a still pond from a light drizzle. Only you can’t see the rain.

Quantum foam virtual particles are quadrillions of times smaller than protons and neutrons, theoretically the smallest knowable thing, only 1 unit of Planck Length long existing for 1 unit of Planck Time. We should call these virtual particles Atoms and call Atoms tiny universes comprised of more persister such atomic light-pixels. So how do we know they even exist at all if they’re so small and fleeting? Because in 1997 there was a precision measurement of the Casimir force by Yale physicist Steve Lamoreaux which is basically the analog to Einstein’s brownian motion hypothesis that 1-year later proved the existence of atoms.

But Can You Pull Yourself Up By Your Bootstraps?

Ever hear of booting your computer? Of course you have. It’s nonsense because it’s making reference to pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps, something which of course you can’t do because of conservation of momentum which actually contains the no bootstrapping principle.

So for quantized quantum foam to work as a road against which you can gain traction with a superconductor, it must not be subject to the no bootstrapping principle. Friction occurs when one of the objects in the equation to resist relative motion, an effect called flux pinning. Now I’m no particle physicist but it does occur to me that something that only exists for 1 Planck unit of time doesn’t have much time to move, since velocity is distance over time. The polarized quantum particles are magnetized, polarized, have their spin set (whatever nomenclature you want to use) from the moment they exist to the moment they disappear, and thus any force they collectively exert on the things around them will be from a fixed location.

Thus friction, traction, torque and all those lovely tires-on-road analogs intuitively seems accurate. The final question of feasibility that I see involves a possible super-slipperiness (spinning your wheels on zero-viscosity superliquids like cold Hydrogen) between a magnetic field and superconductor, but that’s experimentally explained away because that’s the “locking” part of the everyday quantum locking levitation trick. The friction is called flux pinning and apparently has something to do with tiny imperfections in quantum fields. The strength of flux pinning can be increased or decreased based on the configuration of the superconductor. Ceramic superconductors with very thin superconducting layers work best (the kind you can order from Amazon). I’m wondering wither the piezoelectric superconductor in Pais’ patents qualify. Anyway, the roughness required for polarized vacuum friction appears to be a built-in property of spacetime.

With this, the analog to then “lift equation” used by the Wright Brothers in the 1900s to achieve flight became inevitable for antigravity tech.


TR-3 & The AG Arms Race

This did not go unnoticed. It’s not a question of whether governments entered into a new sort of AG arms race but which. Known AG projects dropped off the radar and became ridiculed. The less effective methods like Podkletnov’s spinning superconductor wheel were abandoned in favor of more direct methods that also seem to dovetail with fusion research. And again it was all about money, so traditional black budget pet projects like those that spawned the U-2 spyplane, SR-71 Blackbird and F-117 Nighthawk Stealth Fighter got put in competition with wackadoo sounding stuff. What would you pick? I’m guessing the United States played it safe and became a victim of our own ridicule and discrediting campaigns, therefore leaving foreign countries lots of time to invest and make progress.

Now we’ve got tictacs we “can’t explain”… duhhh.

And thus moves antigravity from Technology Readiness 2 (maybe not even possible) to TR-3 (time to roll up your sleeves and get to work). So AG was likely out of theoretical and in the labs for into practical development circa 1997. This fact in addition to enabling antigravity has massive impact on the question of the knowability of initial conditions in any and all systems (there are no closed systems with 100% knowable initial conditions) and therefore lowers the odds of us living in a fully deterministic universe (sorry Newton and Einstein).

Do You Believe In Magic?

Let’s put all that aside for now, suffice to say that whenever some big dog intellectual tries bullying you with a word-salad of particle names and the supremacy of science, ask them where the energy behind virtual particles come from. You can also have them explain to you how molecules as large as Carbon-60 (bucky balls) pass through 2-slits, how faster-than-light non-locality entanglement works (spooky action at a distance) and top it off by insisting they describe it in a language unaffected by Gödel’s incompleteness theorem so you can actually have confidence in their assertions.

One may actually explain non-locality away using either the Many Worlds Interpretation or superdeterminism, both of which are cures much worse than the disease in which you have a Rick and Morty style reality in one case or absolutely no control over your own actions in the other. Even whether you keep reading this or not has been predetermined. Both pills are a bit harder to swallow than simply believing that 3D space isn’t quite as 3D as it appears.

Or maybe I just want my ansible. Experimental data will eventually clear all this up, but until it does…

“Magic’s just science we don’t understand yet.” Arthur C. Clarke

There are still many unknowns which you may call magic until such time as science tames them. It’s the old Thor vs. Stark debate, and Stark is really quite low-tech, say compared to Dr. Strange. Just because you don’t understand a thing doesn’t mean you can’t interact with it.

Unlocking Quantum Levitation

Like photons these virtual particles carry energy, but exist for such a small period of time and are so scrambled that their energy cannot be tapped through traditional means such as turbine-style electromagnetic induction, the piezoelectric effect, photosynthesis or other means. However what you allegedly CAN do with zero-point energy is by using a powerful enough electromagnetic field, polarize all these virtual particles to point in the same direction just as you would with an electric field on metal to make an electromagnet. Same thing. But with spacetime instead of metal.

Quantum Foam Virtual Particles

We set the spin of individual photons regularly in labs for one form of the early types of “quidbits” used in quantum computing. So what inertial mass reducing theory suggests is that you can control the right, left, circular or superimposed “spin” of these ephemeral virtual particles en masse as we do today with individual photons in order to get a result that’s practical to use at the human scale.

We really do this on the non-virtual versions of photons today. So this antigravity tech is allegedly just doing it to a lot more, but shorter-lived particles that are known to be all around us. Specifically, polarized quantum foam becomes more like fixed-location cushion in space meaning it can exert force on the device carrying the power-source as if it were outside or external to the device, shoving more linear momentum into it. In essence, you bring your own QUANTUM ROAD (the quantum b.y.o. road, such as it were).

Poof! We’ve got liftoff and Newton’s conservation of energy is satisfied because you’re still just burning fuel to convert into linear momentum as with any vehicle.

Batteries Not Included

However it turns out that you still have to bring your own actual power source to the game. All this antigravity buzz amounts to the idea that giant super magnets are all around you if you can just zap it with enough power to line things up for producing a little push-off torque. The part of the road you need is generated inside and slightly below and offset from the drone so repulsive forces create lift and forward motion. We’ve been through all this before in the 1970s and 80s with magnev trains and rails. Only difference being the magnets are midair and the paramagnetic aluminum is probably replaced with superconductors.

It could be done without superconductivity, but it’d be wobbly. I rather suspect it’s more than just unstable magnetic repulsion like facing North-North or South-South poles, but rather a bit more controlled quantum phase locking which you see all the time when a magnet goes near an easily obtained liquid-nitrogen cooled superconductor. The demonstrations are all over YouTube. This is not SciFi. This is everyday fact now, and all we’re proposing is that the magnet side of this operation can be produced in the vacuum of space (or anywhere in our atmosphere, under water, etc).

So something inside the tictacs may be superconductive for an effect similar to what we’re calling quantum locking levitation. To get away from superconductors you’d have to spin magnets fast enough for stability introducing what seems an unnecessary flywheel. Such spinning is also useful for the type of gyroscopic stabilization mentioned above and used by ships and satellites. Also the High frequency gravitational wave generator patent does say it uses internal spinning mechanisms to propagate gravitational field fluctuations for more of a Iron Man repulsion effect. So the lest called-upon patent (the gravity wave generator) also provides a stabilizing force and alternative to the superconductor. One system could enhance the other so you’ve got 2 ways to achieve lift and stability.

New Spin on Stable Levitation: Superconductors Not Required

Quantum Locking Levitation Without Superconductor

Midair Super-Magnets

This zero-point energy is usually undetectable and inaccessible due to the randomness of its directions, sort of like white noise with sound, or the lack-of-polarity preventing all matter from acting like permanent magnets. Or as Richard Feynman gets pissed off explaining to a reporter, the miraculous thing about ferromagnetic permanent magnets (the everyday refrigerator magnets we know) is actually that the reporter can’t see that same force all around us binding everything (surface tension of water being a great example). The only thing special about permanent magnets is that enough of these internal magnetic regions are pointed in the same direction (polarized) to make their effect visible at the human scale.

Richard Feynman on Magnets

Richard Feynman on Magnets

So the hypothesis goes that massive electromagnetic resonance in a chamber will align (polarize) all those previously unaligned zero-pointy things producing a field that is able to push off against seemingly nothingness, therefore violating but not really violating conservation of momentum. Badda boom badda bing badda, flying tictacs.

A Tale of 4 Patents

Now there’s some ambiguity here as to which of the 4 outlandish patents enables antigravity and which is a fusion reactor / power source. The gobbledygook goes that the megawatt-level microwave energy that produces resonating xenon gas plasma for the purpose of polarizing quantum foam is also said to create fusion in that same gas by virtue of it being doped with the extra-neutron heavy form of hydrogen known as deuterium. As we know to be true from today’s less efficient fusion engines, intense heat in a confined space containing deuterium causes hydrogen to bond into helium, stepping power-plant level megawatts into city-running level gigawatts.

Such fusion engines are impractical today because the amount of power that goes into producing such heat is more than you’d get out through fusion. The patent proposes to change this through microwave resonance.

So Pais’ fusion reactor patent could be the power-source for creating some second-stage field effect that actually polarizes spacetime foam making the fixed-position midair phantom magnet. But if all we have is a magnet and not something with dielectric properties, we don’t get the quantum levitation effect. There likely needs to be something with the same dielectric properties as those nitrogen cooled superconductors in the levitation demonstrations all over YouTube. Pshew, it’s a good thing that Pais’ patents includes a room temperature superconductor which could be the very thing for polarized spacetime to push off for torque.

So there may be tiny sun’s inside these tic tac drones; another fine reason to keep their use secret.

Given the miniature sun powering this whole thing I’m surprised there’s not a patent for a cooling system to keep the room temperature superconductor component that’s likely there cool enough to operate. Chances are it’s in an outer chamber as discussed in the patents. Inner chamber is fusion reactor and quantum foam polarize. Outer chamber is electronics including piezoelectric superconductors to push off the quantum foam. There may be multiple superconductor components for steering, flipping them on and off in a digital way would account for the sudden right-angle maneuvers observed by Fravor.

This ironically leaves only the High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator out of the tictac UFO antigravity speculation. Well every good UFO needs a deathray, right?

Nothing All That New

We’ve gotten the proof of the Casimir effect in 1997 predicted by Dutch scientist Hendrik Casimir in 1948. But we’ve also gotten momentary unreproducible glimpses of the Casimir forces at the human scale by hobbyists all the while. Go search YouTube. Experimentally proving the Casimir effect is the stuff of urban legend where the resonance is created by fine-tuning the radio waves transmitted between 2 closely facing plates. Or in the case of John Hutchison, a lower plate and objects placed on top.

The John Hutchison Effect, There’s Nothing to See Here. Please Disperse.

The John Hutchison Effect, There's Nothing to See Here. Please Disperse.

The problem is that getting the distances and voltages right to produce a lasting resonant harmonic wave is like threading a needle while surfing. The plates do occasionally take off into the air, get caught on video, everybody goes ooh and ahh, and it never happens again. That doesn’t mean it’s not science. It just means that better experiments need to be designed and engineered. In technological readiness terms, the Casimir effect failed tho cross the chasm and crashed in the valley of death (TRL-3)… Publicly.

The John Hutchison experiments of the 1970s and 80s briefly demonstrated this, however with some strange caveats like the “low pressure” zones predicted by the 2-plates experiment somehow missed the top-plate target and lifted instead a nearby sponge and objects in neighboring houses.

It could be that because the Casimir effect relies on effects put on fleeting particles in the vacuum of space, traditional “fixed location” assumptions regarding your experimental equipment (relative to Earth) don’t apply and that levitation from the Hutchison Effect actually trails off from the experiment in a kooky spiral consistent with the Earth’s rotation around its axis, orbit around the sun and the expansion of the Universe. This “fixed position” in space would actually be relied upon in the case of the tic tac propulsion system in order for there to be friction between the 2 fields resulting in rubber-hits-the-road style traction.

When such a device is standing still in space such as remaining stationary against headwinds as observed by Fravor and crew, it would mean heavy-duty calculations were being performed to compensate for the Earth’s movement. This could be why these tic tac drones did not actually become viable for use in everyday spying until the early 2000s when computer-controlled navigational systems were also ready.

import antigravity

Dutch Invented Antigravity

AG Eureka Moment!

Evidence suggests that we (humanity) have achieved such a breakthrough again, and likely have since the 1980s or 1990s (more reliably than with John Hutchison’s experiments). This secret in-lab antigravity eureka moment is analogous to what happened with the Wright Brothers (and sister) in their wind tunnel experiments beginning late 1901 when they experienced the “SUCCESS ASSURED!” moment using fixed-glider trials that predated outdoor Kitty Hawk flight tests. Specifically, they discovered that wind over a teardrop-shape wing cross-section produces lift, and worked out the exact wing shape and power-to-lift ratios required to produce flight with a combustion engine through a plodding, systematic process that was as much sweat as science. This is when technological readiness of negative air-pressure based flight went from TRL-3 to TRL-4, with TRL-9 being the highest.

Antigravity Eurika

Proving viability of AG (TRL-2) likely concluded years ago with AG and what we’re seeing today is exactly analogous to the refinements of airplane designs, going from the Wright Brothers’ flimsy bicycle-like things to the biplanes of WWI to the B2 of WWII and so on. Tictacs are the result of 30 or 40 years of refinement since that likely secret fateful AG Eureka moment in human history. Getting over that hump from “no longer theoretical” to actually practical is called crossing the Technology Readiness Valley of Death, more colloquially named TRL-3. In other words when we see an effect on a small scale in the lab and know it’s real. It’s now more an engineering problem than science. I think somebody paid to cross AGTR3, and I don’t think it was US.

Here’s just one of the scientific papers published on antigravity, this one by Eugene Podkletnov around 2001, just over 3 years before the USS Nimitz incident.

Wouldn’t You Keep It Secret?

Why haven’t we heard about it? Did you know that the Brits invented computers before it was recently declassified, and it wasn’t us Yanks with the ENIAC at all? No? That’s because the Brits didn’t HAVE TO let you know and it’s often more prudent not to. National security and all that, chap. Truth!

What I describe is the code breaking machine that was pivotal in winning WWII. It was mostly mechanical (not using transistors) but provided that same “success assured” moment that paves the way for new and better models. With enough incentive such progress can occur behind closed doors. Tech often works like this. Even when you DO know the neat new tricks being developed behind your back it’s easy to write off as unimportant until it’s too late.

Reminds me of what Intel’s going through as the Brits take back the microprocessor industry through ARM.

Alan Turing Invented Computers

Other hypothetical reactionless drive systems than Pais’ have even worse power-to-weight ratio yields, such as warp-drives. We’re ruling these out. But Pais’ patents seem to suggest 3 alternative approaches of which the inertial mass reduction one I discuss most here is only one. There’s also Mach Effect Gravity Assist (MEGA Drives) which while not specifically named in the piezoelectric superconductivity patent is in the same neighborhood and is being actively researched by NASA. It might be those in the tictacs, but I’m partial to the one closest to the often-reported and never verified Casimir effect. Why?

Besides the rigor of scientific reproducibility, the Casimir effect does sporadically demonstrate mysterious but highly related repulsive forces, and has for a very long time. Based on both the science and observations (besides UFOs), some way to generate torque and friction between electromagnetic forces and “empty” spacetime most likely exists (TRL-2, where the rubber meets the road). For the sake of staying consistent with the patent, we shall call this form of non-chemical propulsion system inertial mass reduction.

Inertial Mass Reduction Device Explained

Inertial Mass Reduction Device Explained

The theories existed since the 1950s. Eugene Podkletnov’s spinning superconductor in magnetic field experiments in the 90s is one public example that came 40 years later, parroted by much propellantless propulsion efforts my Martin, Boeing, the UK and others at the time. Then it all went silent and became ridiculed. However, I quote:

Both general relativity and Newtonian gravity appear to predict that negative mass would produce a repulsive gravitational field. In particular, Sir Hermann Bondi proposed in 1957 that negative gravitational mass, combined with negative inertial mass, would comply with the strong equivalence principle of general relativity theory and the Newtonian laws of conservation of linear momentum and energy.

Polarizing Plasma Resonance in Vacuum Taps Zero-Point Energy to Reduce Inertial Mass

More efficient than Eugene Podkletnov’s super-fragile superconducting flywheels or Hendrik Casimir’s temperamental plates are the rugged little tictac containers of xenon gas able to be supercharged in a way that produces a resonating standing waveform of plasma. Resonance is that effect that requires soldiers to march out of step with each other when crossing bridges least the resonant frequencies of their footfalls collapse the bridge. Singers breaking glass with their voice is another example.

Ressonates Like Truth, No?

Resonance can cause surprising effects that appear to violate Newton’s 3rd law of motion, but don’t. It’s just combining feedback loops with the additive properties of waves for radical amplification of energy that has a polarizing effect on everything the field encompasses. This apparently does something similar to Casimir’s plates and Podkletnov spinning disk, just more reliably and at scale.

Doing this directionally appears to “reveal” the zero-point energy that is already there, providing a locked-field like an invisible permanent magnet suspended there in the same space as the tictac (slightly offset) that can be continuously pushed off-of. Thus we (humanity) achieve such lovely new tricks as falling up. As a perk, it’ll also repel air and water molecules for a smoother and optionally underwater ride.

Falling Up

Go figure. But will this be disclosed by June 25th, 2021?

Don’t Hold Your Breath

I’m pretty sure the June 2021 UAP report is going to be less than satisfying, providing only a few more cloudy details mixing the unexceptional with the exceptional. If it is Earthly tech as I believe, the priority will be to continue reverse engineer (if it’s foreign), and in either case keeping it as secret as protecting intellectual property will allow so as to flatten the curve of impact on industry and economy.

Remember that term, flatten the curve? It’s what you do when you have an unavoidable disaster and want to minimize the damage. Doesn’t all this UFO stuff feel like that to you? And not for alien disclosure as I again invoke the tenet of Occam’s Razor stating all else being equal, the simplest solution is also the most likely one.

So prepare to have your curve flattened.

(UPDATE 6/25/2021: Yep, I was right)

We Believe Meni Things

But if you DO want to let your imagination run wild, then watch this (hint: look at the channel it belongs to)…

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